Spring 2019 Couture- Dior

The Dior circus comes to town and presents the Dior Dream Parade! Brilliant in pulling off contemporary performance stunts, Maria Grazia Chiuri brought in Mimbre, London’s all-female troupe of acrobats to perform in the Dior couture-worthy striped marquee for her latest couture show. This is not the first time Chiuri brought along female performers. Her last couture show featured Mexican female rodeo riders. The Dior Dream Parade was specifically constructed in the gardens of Paris’ nostalgic archival— Musée Rodin. A magical space, odorous with artistry and plentitude of layered meanings, alongside great performance and stunning couture pieces, did justice to the show making it evocative and magical. Set color theme was a mixed bag of bright colors, and so was the collection—vibrant and colorful.

Maria Grazia Chiuri suggests that couture can be magical, spectacle and fun. Delighting in the purest of ways like when the circus brought joy to us as children. The collection was inspired by a wide range of work from Cindy Sherman’s work on clowns to Richard Avedon’s work on chaotic nature of the circus. Chiuri presented breathtaking looks, ones that mirror Monsieur Dior’s passion for the colorful and magical world of intriguing art. There is a recognizable maison silhouette, but with a variety of possibilities— sparkling swim caps and mime-inspired eye makeup, classic suit tailoring, colorful striped mini dresses, embroidered skirts, harlequin suits, Victorian collars, sheer blouses and beaded dresses. This collection is feminism, fashion and stunning performance combined. A house favorite, model Selena Forrest, opened the show, wearing an asymmetric navy silk velvet cocktail dress with ruffled sailor collar. She entered the circus tent show space by passing beneath a human arch— a memorable performance that punctuated the show. Although sometimes it may seem that Maria Grazia Chiuri keeps reinventing her first collection for Dior, especially having in mind the recognizable dress silhouette, she manages to tell a different story each time. At Dior Dream Parade, she made us all run away and join the circus!

Photo credit: Vogue/Alessandro Lucioni /Gorunway.com