Spring 2019 Couture- Iris Van Herpen

The latest Iris Van Herpen couture collection titled “Shift Souls” was inspired by early examples of celestial cartography and its representation of mythological and astrological chimera. Van Herpen was particularly taken with “Harmonica Macrocosmica”, a star atlas by the German-Dutch cartographer Andreas Cellarius , published in 1600. Iris Van Herpen is what we mean when we talk about future of fashion. One cannot but fall in love with quivering scales, undulating shapes, mixture of colors and innovative shapes and silhouettes. Both magical and creative, the collection includes one-of-a-kind pieces that embody Van Herpen’s ethos— the art, design and technology combined with an innovative and creative approach at the highest level. As if they were growing from the models’ body, the heavenly, ethereal, technically brilliant dresses transform a woman into a hybrid between a flower and a bird. Iridescent colors and mesmerizing degrades  of assiduous and unique fabrics resemble clouds in distant horizons— what a triumphant of creativity!

“For this collection I looked at the evolution of the human shape, its idealization through time and the hybridization of the female forms within mythology. Specially the imagination and the fluidity within identity change in Japanese mythology have me inspiration to explore the deeper meaning of identity and how immaterial and mutable it can become within the current coalescence of our digital bodies.”, stated Van Herpen.

Known as one of fashion’s most talented and forward-thinking creators who continuously pushes the boundaries, it does not surprise that Van Herpen designed a collection of stunning form, with intricate detailing and bidimensional textile structures. “Shift Souls” is the newest dynamic and artistic endeavour for the famed Dutch fashion house. Only art can lift us to other dimensions and make us live a dream. Sculptural pleats in movement graced the runway at Palais des Beaux-Arts and ended in a picturesque scene capturing the dream alive.

Photo credit: Vogue