Paris Haute Couture S/S 2018: Georges Chakra

Other than color schemes and lines, what makes a collection feel unified is the vision that stitches it together. Channeling the power of strong women who still believe in fairytales and the timelessness of glamour, Georges Chakra presented his Spring/Summer 2018 Love and be Loved haute couture collection. Dress by dress, brushes on fabric, idea after idea, each dress was personally seen through the designer from conception to execution. After all, a couturier breaths couture. With the petite mains’ know-how and dedication, the challenging gowns created in this dreamy collection saw the light last night at Musée de l’Homme.

The color palette used in the collection, along with intricate floral designs, left everyone spellbound. The famed Lebanese couturier used soft colors and botanical details to emphasize the romantic feel of the collection. It was mysterious, seductive and magical. In a sea of gorgeous gowns, certain outfits had the special enchanting feel such as the black crepe gown with jewel encrusted shoulder and white silk organza ruffle detail, or a pale pink sheer gown with hand embroidered flowers. Arrays of fluid marvels captivated the public. The creative and eclectic designer has lent his mind to the fashion world, presenting once more a modern, feminine and confident allure. Through intriguing cuts, embroidery and prints, he designed fluid art that radiates confidence and modernity at the same time. Chakra’s brand signature combines elaborate and intricate back details coupled with modern and bold fabrics. “The back is my canvas, it expresses women’s motion and emotion with strength and certainty” Chakra stated. With a fresh eye, and an evolving style, Chakra once again unveiled his aesthetic concept through a unique couture line.

Photo credit: The Impression