Paris Haute Couture S/S 2018: Elie Saab

Once upon a time, the couture master Elie Saab envisioned a sizzling Paris during the 1920’s. Saab’s inspiration for Spring/Summer 2018 haute couture collection came from the women from Paris in the roaring twenties translating their sophisticated elegance into pieces of timeless chic. The stunning dresses were created with freedom of movement, highlighting graceful lines. Channeling the style and attitude of a modern woman who loves passionately and lives largely, Saab proposed semi-divulging necklines and modern finesse of the feminine form. Paris est une Fête, the collection motto, stood as a silent power stance in full display channeling seductive and sophisticated feel. Elegant gowns were designed in homage to the independant and liberated Parisienne.

Rich feathery bouquets fluttered in the slightest breeze. Shimmering like a million stars on a dark stage, the bride stole the spotlight in her own larger-than-life manner. Contemporary workmanship was seen in each outfit. In rich shades of champagne, silvery blue, rose and black, each gown was embroidered, beaded, feathered and wrapped in a bow. A typical Elie Saab collection— enchanted and extraordinary— included Art Deco detailing and sheerness. Despite sparkling in a literate way, the cloches sparked in a glamourous splendor. Certainly, we can expect this entire collection to transcend to the upcoming red carpets. It reminisces decadence, but with a metallic twist. Proving he’s the reign of couture, Elie Saab daringly introduced the golden veils, audacious slides,  Scheherazade-meets-Gatsby enticing dresses. To say that Saab absolutely and utterly loves haute couture would be like saying water is wet. However, with this collection he took haute to the next level. The retro inspiration resulted with short hemlines, column silhouettes, high-shine and plenty of beading. Aside from the luxury gowns, the designer also presented mini-skirts richly adorned in sequins and ostrich feathers. And, just to prove that sometimes less is more, there was one black gown with structured silver and gold accents that got its power just from the simplicity of its silhouette. Bravo, genius!

Photo credit: Vogue