Dorothee Schumacher: Citizens of the World

Writing about fashion demands staying up to date with current events. However, in lieu of ongoing worldwide political crisis, there is no collection that could better describe the current state of the world than the Spring/Summer 2018 Dorothee Schumacher collection presented during Berlin Fashion Week. Fashion often, rather successfully, addresses political issues and sends out powerful political statements. This is not a novelty, but it still feels like the industry lacks designers and creative visionaries that are willing to step out of the box and make their voice heard. Schumacher is a Woman with a capital W. She’s bold, she’s audacious, she’s a fashion daredevil.

AHL-Dorothee Schumacher SS2018-1

Inspired by a mixture of different cultures, historic periods and perception, Dorothee Schumacher designed a collection in which her stands and opinions are reflected even in the slightest details. She started with Latin American opulent heritage and introduced printed belts on delicate, floor-length fabrics. Animal print cowboy boots and bandanas contributed to picture-perfect Western looks. Classic stripes and white blouses, paired with floral, feminine prints and intarsia gaucho ribbons demonstrated the designer’s life motto that opposites attract. Namely, seemingly feminine silhouettes contrast masculine details. Masculine silhouettes are mirrored by figure-flattering pieces that celebrate the much-awaited comeback of fine tailoring.

In Schumacher’s work, borders are crossed; geographical and fashion ones. It is no surprise that no one really cares, since the blend of ostensibly different reference points is stunningly beautiful. The key pieces include double wrapped leather belts, pinstripe suits, Latin American embellishments, transparent roll-up collars, oversized statement knits that are sleeve-oriented. Sleeves are the protagonists on Schumacher’s urban knit favorites. Let us not forget the stylish hoods with gaucho ribbons and exquisite leather accessories. Colors vary from cream white and blue to radiant reds and orange. This collection, like no other, portrays the curiosity that represents a fine thread in Schumacher’s design. She loves. She lives. She is awakened. Like no other female designer, she celebrates individuality, strong and uncompromised femininity and electric self-awareness. Schumacher’s Citizens of the World declare a brighter, undivided society. Let’s hope that they’ll transcend from runway into reality.

Photo credit: Dorothee Schumacher