Totême Studio: A Hybrid in Fashion Industry

Things have gotten fast over the past decade— fast media, fast production, fast fashion.  In order to slow down in a fast-paced world, a hybrid in fashion industry—Totême Studio— was founded in order to promote a unique path, and to embark on a journey towards a sustainable future. Clean, graphic and simple, as the Scandinavian heritage of its founders would suggest it, it offers a fusion of Scandinavian minimalism, aesthetic and preciseness. Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, the husband-and-wife designer duo, created a unique fashion label that evokes two attributes: sophisticated and sublime. There is a simplicity aesthetically; their collections are uncomplicated and uncompromised, easy to wear and combine, but at the same time elevated and timeless. Quality is important, quality matters.

Totême Studio has grown at a rapid rate and gained a large fanbase to compliment. It set off onto a fashion journey in 2014 and since then it has travelled far, drawing from inspiration and creative solutions as if they were a neverending fuel. From season to season, they offer a plethora of new cuts and styles, with supreme comfort and fit. Totême designs effortlessly transform any look to portray graceful elegance at its best. Their unique style has drawn in a new kind of minimalism lovers.

Kling and Lindman debuted with pieces like buttoned-up shirts, tailored trousers and go-to dresses, and evolved into a brand that offers a distinct design ethos and buoyant aesthetic, introducing a playful element to luxury whilst avoiding the serious note. Respectively, Totême Studio offers a classic foundation for layering seasonal, trending pieces on top (optional, indeed!). It is as if they aim to radiate and highlight luxurious fashion while supporting a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Whether we observe the perfectly tailored Mirabel and Vitoria dresses, or the empress of knits— Estela vest in oatmeal melange— each piece is a seasonless staple created with quality craftsmanship. We witness a stroke of brilliance in their work, a Scandinavian heart and a worldwide home. Amalgamated in our minds as something amorphous, yet distinctive, Scandi-chic fashion is a neverending fashion movement. Moreover— true to its nature, meaning and form— one can easily perceive Totême as a fashion emblem whose energy transcends the world.

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(Totême Studio Spring 2018 collection)

Photo credit: Vogue (collection), Totême Studio (cover photo collage)