Alta Moda in London

There’s nothing like a pre-Christmas fashion show to jumpstart the holiday season. Last Saturday, luxury department store Harrod’s held its very first fashion show of the merry season and made sure that London was the it fashion capital for the weekend. Reopening of Dolce & Gabbana Old Bond Street Boutique was a sequin sensation and a glitter-dipped love letter to London. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the notorious fashion duo, highlighted their extraordinary skills and meticulous attention to details with the newest collection of Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria. After last year’s Italian fairytale in Palermo, D&G took over Harrod’s Christmas market and organized a breathtaking, beyond beautiful fashion show for 250 of fortuitous attendees. Golden-veined marble area epitomized perfect scenery for the most extravagant couture pieces, vintage Baroque chairs blended utterly with their Baroquesque outfits, a glistening runway served as a time machine to the Tudor era. As for the British theme, the show included luxed-punk references, masculine salutes to London’s famed Savile Row,  and an Italian savoir faire combined with British elegance and epic tailoring. Union Jack skirts? Check. Draperies? Check. Royal vibes? Check!


The show was simply dolce! There was a total of ninety exits, each one celebrating Britain’s culture and glorious tradition. It was an ode to supreme beauty and craftsmanship of feminine silhouettes and sartorial suits, all handmade with great pride— art, genius, feminism, manpower, passion, all in the name of D&G. “English people have the greatest taste”, said Gabbana. “We love London”.  The outfits varied from bold to alluring, all equally captivating in a recognizable D&G manner. Sequined gowns with “London” and “Old Bond Street” appliqué, gorgeous velvet pieces, suits fit for a royal wedding, monarchy-ish robes and skirts— all brand new, but all with a recognizable Italian signature. Elaborate accessories, such as the luxe hats and glittering headpieces, lifted up the UK theme and added intrigue to the overall presentation.


The show was the best of both worlds, D&G’s beloved Sicily and inimitable UK charm. We witnessed layers upon layers, lots of organza and gold safety pins. We already know what the design duo can achieve with the fabrics. However, the detailing was extraordinary and simply impeccable— golden embroidery, subtle metallic threads running through the fabrics, bird brooches hanging from the lapels and subtle diamonds replacing regular studs. The devil, as they say, is in the detail—and Dolce and Gabbana understand (and implement) this idiom to the fullest. With a disco soundtrack, sparkling energy and gold extravaganza, Dolce and Gabbana’s return to London went down a treat!

Photo credit: The Impression, Vogue