PFW: Chanel Spring 2018 RTW

No one quite does it like Chanel. I could almost hear TLC’s “Waterfalls” in the background when real-life waterfalls (six of them!) appeared inside the Grand Palais. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld built Lagerfeld Falls to best showcase the haute rainwear he designed for Chanel Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection. The fashion crowd was amazed, but everyone definitely expected a spectacle. In the past, the iconic designer carted an iceberg to the traditional Chanel venue, he designed a supermarket, an airport, filled Grand Palais with hay… He has even built a mock rocket ship. But, today’s water display just might outdo all Chanel sets past. At about 30 feet high, the waterfalls were complete with caves underneath for models to emerge from. They strutted over a lagoon and under the clear blue Parisian sky. The most breathtaking and most peaceful backdrop could almost teleport the audience to the serenity of Georges du Verdon waterfalls, the place where Lagerfeld found fashion inspiration. Kaia Gerber, the model of the moment, opened Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week while her proud mom, supermodel Cindy Crawford, watched from the stands. Lagerfeld showcased his most youthful collection in a while. I absolutely adore the clear plastic capes, knee-high boots, hats, gloves and bags. A tropical rainforest themed show emphasis: waterproof everything! Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

“I’m not a marketing person. I don’t ask myself questions. I go by instinct”, stated Karl Lagerfeld a while ago. At this point, he can even make a mistake and the fashion world is still going to applaud him. He boldly presented PVC pieces, monochromes, wide shoulder silhouettes, wild prints and aquatic tones. The new collection proves not even rain can stop a great outfit- prêt-àporter sportif meets high fashion. The lurex woven Lesage tweeds are eye-catching, while the Swarovski encrusted bags, cuffs and earring represent obvious standouts. The signature knits got a modern streetstyle makeover, yet kept the luxury essence of Chanel intact. We saw denim, swimwear and eveningwear, all with exceptional couture-worthy detailing. So many pieces are set to become the next fashion favorites, such as the latest trend Lagerfeld introduced- the see-through boots with black and white shoe caps. The overall silhouette was more strict than usual- narrow jackets with raised shoulders, fraying miniskirts and slim waists all had a rigid vibe to them. Leave it to Karl to save the best for last. If you are a fan of Chanel runway shoes, you surely noticed that they always start with signature tweed looks. It is a Chanel must! As the show progresses, new modern looks appear, always carrying a spirit of the 1990’s. The same thing happened today when, around mid-show, models walked down the runway in denim assembles. However, this was not your average pair of denim- the edges and rips were embroidered with lace for a unique, haute feel. There are a lot of mixed reviews of the collection, but I strongly believe Chanel needed a change. It is not subtle, but who ever expected subtlety from Karl Lagerfeld? See all of the looks in the gallery below. P. S. On a scale from one to cuteness overload, how cute did Hudson Kroenig look? Lagerfeld’s godson is growing up too fast.

Photo credit: The Impression