PFW: Elie Saab Spring 2018 RTW

Can Amazonian explorers be glamourous? Elie Saab Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection is here to make it happen! With a setting full of on-screen Amazon plantation, the models strutted down the zig-zag runway in bolder designs than Saab’s previous work. The Parisian Grand Palais was covered in summer dresses and legs longer than my tolerance for bad fashion. For Spring, the Lebanese designer chose bold shades of colors. Unlike his preceding collections, he focused more on lux fashionistas than on fairy princesses. Even though I am a fan of Saab’s princess fest, this was a refreshing change. In addition to the signature hand-painted leather jackets and beautifully embroidered dresses, the designer introduced fringe as the newest house addition- lots and lots of fringe, to be exact. There was much animal print to match the season’s theme and each outfit practically spoke for itself. The designer revisited the early 1990’s monochromatic trend, used widely when the couture aesthetic required a head-to-toe similarity in tones. The same trend today fulfills a specific purpose of sophistication, followed by high-end sandals and voluptuous accessories.

The collection screams hot, tropical, technicolor nights. A deep jungle green has taken over the total looks extending to playful oversized hats and sunglasses. Python appears as an imposing print. A bright color palette of warm yellow completely took over the runway. Fluid-like material Saab used mimics a breathing forest in motion- an interesting scenery he announced a few days ago in a series of teasers. Outlines of wild leafage are articulated through innovative lace and vivid vegetal prints. Thin and silky fringes swing away as they cross the undefined paths like a dynamic dance of jungle vines. Shades of white contrast the collection’s vibrant jungle colors. All in all, a very balanced collection and something we did not have the opportunity to see from the Elie Saab house in the past. Undoubtedly, an Amazon Crush.

And here’s an exclusive sneak peek to what was happening just moments before the show started.

Photo credit: The Impression