PFW: Andrew GN Spring 2018 RTW

“Harajuku Girls, you got the wicked style…” When it comes to Andrew GN‘s show at Paris Fashion Week, one might say it’s an homage to Asia with a modern twist. This was the second show I got invited to, and the invitation itself suggested there would be a traditional vibe. The designer came up with an interesting idea transforming Japanese foldable fan into a one-of-a-kind invitation. It was red, naturally, as were the most pieces the designer envisioned for Spring 2018. As traditional theme would suggest it, Andrew GN proposed lots of red and intense shades of blue. The show was out of this world. There was an almost ecstatic feel in the air; each individual piece told a different story.

Inspired by his Asian roots, the designer created a rather refreshing collection. The Tokyo inspired looks are remarkably unusual, putting geisha’s of today in modern cocktail dresses, but keeping their rich heritage in mind. More structured pieces, such as the matching black skirt and top resemble the finest origami sculptures, while some of the more polished outfits could go straight to the red carpet. This, as one assumes, stands for the stunning, statuesque gowns in shades of pale pink and deep black, embellished with handmade flowers on the bustier. From pastel to primaries, Andrew GN played with different colors in order to express his vision of yin and yang. He somehow managed to reinvent a classic kimono and make it modern, appealing and flawless. Details that particularly stood out were the embroidered calligraphy, Kabuki-motif asymmetric minis and ballgowns in charming Japanese landscape prints. All in all, a breathe of fresh air for the following Spring.

Photo credit: The Impression