PFW: Balmain Spring 2018 RTW

Paris Fashion Week can sometimes be monotonous, depending on what is trending in the world of fashion. However, since Olivier Rousteing showed up, fashion-craving audience knows better than to expect monotony. He’s here to put on a show, and he’s perfect at it! Unlike the previous collections he designed for Balmain, yesterday he introduced lots of glitter, leather and rich detailing. Staged at the Palais Garnier– one of the most splendid venues when it comes to high fashion- the show was more than spectacular. Just moments before the runway lights turned on, the designer shared his inspiration for the new collection and uncovered memorable relationship with one of the most mystical and secretive spaces in Paris.

“I am trying to impress myself but also trying to impress my audience”, Rousteing stated. “Because, I think I have a sensation in my body that I always had. When my parents adopted me, at night I was always putting on my pajamas before [going to bed] because I was scared that they would bring me [back to the orphanage] again. I always need love, to be loved and appreciated.”

As for the Palais Garnier... “We came first for a visit, and we saw the ballet. I was really impressed. I said, ‘That’s what I want in my life, that’s what I feel . . .’ La splendeur Parisienne. And I would never have believed that 20 years later, I would have the chance to show my collection here. To have the chance to design for the ballet—I went on the stage with the dancers in front of 2,000 people! It was the dream come true . . . and having Brigitte Macron wear my clothes!”

Rousteing went beyond the dresses and brought a more stripped-down collection with blazers, trousers, overalls, leather jackets, handbags and T-shirts. It was a stunning interplay of solid colors, drapes and embellishments. At Balmain, there is always a sense of heritage, power and detail. Rousteing has taken a traditional brand with a wealth of clients and heritage and continues to create a voice of a new, fresh generation. Where some designers have opted to wander onto the path of others and change the brand’s ethos, Balmain remains true to the original vision, and believes in the message it delivers.

Aside the black and white contrasts, the color pallette echoed the French flag and the collection embodied the tricolor; liberty, equality and fraternity. It developed allure and appeal without vulgarity. The Balmain woman is certainly a lady who knows herself and is empowered. Each model cradled with opulent textures contrasting to the linear structures of appliqué and beadwork. The designer exhibited a series of super-tight dresses, frock coats and short jackets, all beautifully executed in delicate voile and silk. The leather work- a signature trademark of the house– proves why Balmain has a strong reputation amongst the highly competitive Parisian ateliers. For this collection, Rousteing chose to play with ribbed leather sections and cleverly piece them together to create more monochrome looks, seen best with the zip-front bra-top-style dress with gorgeously tailored fluted hem. Although it is no secret that is one of Hollywood’s most wanted designers and fashion’s IT man, he continues to reinvent the brand and deliver one-of-a-kind looks just in time for the awards’ season (Coincidence? I don’t think so). The Balmain army just got more gorgeous, and more sexy than ever!

Photo credit: The Impression