NYFW: Tom Ford Spring 2018

Tom Ford is back from Hollywood. While he was writing, directing and producing (note: if you haven’t watched the Academy Award-nominated movie Nocturnal Animals, now is the perfect time to do so) he found the time to design his new Spring 2018 collection. After a year of missing in action, he invited everyone who is anyone to his first New York show in a year. In the spirit of his uniqueness, the invitations came with a bottle of his latest fragrance, Fucking Fabulous. The front row at the Park Avenue Armory was packed with Ford’s Hollywood friends, fashion icons, A-list celebrities, a couple of fashion’s persona non grata (Kim Kardashian, obviously!) and the queen herself- Anna Wintour.

The collection certainly does not resemble his golden years in Gucci, nor his reign at Yves Saint Laurent. However, if you’re nostalgic about the minimalist 90’s, power dressing and super high heels, this collection is your dream come true. To my satisfaction, Ford does not propose florals for Spring. Instead, he offers men’s suits tailored for female silhouettes, jackets that are broad of shoulder, cut in a variety of different materials, peaked of lapel. The most shocking thing about the collection? The fabulous pink velvet! The ruched net dresses made a comeback, more sheer than ever (hello, 90’s glam!), cut-out jersey column dresses witness his fearless spirit and one-of-a-kind fashion vision, plunge-front backless jumpsuit can easily transform your daily outfit to a gala occasion when paired with expertly tailored jackets. There were a couple of bold design choices we can only envision on generation millennial (or… Rihanna), but the overall impression of the collection that announced NYFW is that Tom Ford knows what he’s doing. He remains true to the elegant lines, subtle silhouettes, minimalist shapes and exquisite cuts. The evolution of Tom Ford as a designer and his eponymous brand will surely continue. To quote the designer himself: (He’ll remain) fucking fabulous.

_TOM0111_TOM0131_TOM0147_TOM0161_TOM0179_TOM0193_TOM0211_TOM0233_TOM0255_TOM0269_TOM0287_TOM0305_TOM0325_TOM0345_TOM0369_TOM0383_TOM0407_TOM0415_TOM0435_TOM0455_TOM0467_TOM0495_TOM0521_TOM0543_TOM0573_TOM0601_TOM0627_TOM0643_TOM0669_TOM0683_TOM0701_TOM0723_TOM0029_TOM0047_TOM0061_TOM0083_TOM0093_TOM0755Photo credit: Vogue