Princess Diana: An enduring style icon

Princess Diana was a public figure adored by so many people, who embodied glamour, charm, poise, elegance and mystery. She faultlessly used wardrobe as a powerful tool of communication. One might say she was the most fashionable royal that ever lived. Although her daily outfits were always carefully diplomatic, such as the red polka dot dress she wore in Japan to represent the country’s rising sun motif or the green outfits she wore in Pakistan- a customary color of respect, her evening wear was showing her different, less formal style she personally prefered. “She was always very thoughtful about how her clothes would be interpreted, it was something that really mattered to her,” remembers Anna Harvey, Vogue’s former deputy editor who helped the Princess to craft her image after they bumped into one another in the corridors of Vogue.

Twenty years after her tragic death, the world still mourns the loss of one of the most kind-hearted, loving and loved woman. Her style was unique, recognizable, often predicting the post-Diana era newest wardrobe trend- sporty chic. She often wore laced, dark colored dresses, such as the statement off-shoulder cocktail dress by Christina Stambolian she wore to the Serpentine on the night that Prince Charles admitted to his infidelity in 1994. The fragile, yet empowering princess loved to play with different textures and colors and to combine seemingly mismatching pieces. The playful off-duty looks included jazzy jumpers for polo matches and American football-style bomber jackets for days out with her sons.

As my personal contribution to the lasting memory of princess Diana’s amazing fashion style, I came up with a selection of her most stunning outfits. However, if you wish to see more, there is a place where you can deep-dive into her style and enjoy nostalgic shots of the Princess. Instagram account Princess Diana Forever counts more than 150k followers and shares a constant stream of images. Most recent posts include unseen photographs from 1984 showing pregnant Diana holding a smiling toddler William on her hip or a picture of a doting Princess Diana cuddling smiling, sun-kissed Prince Harry while the pair are on holiday. I hope you will enjoy the photo gallery bellow.

P. S. Notice how she often clings to her clutch bags? By now, it is no secret the Queen herself uses her trusty handbags as a way of secretly communicating with her entourage when out and about. However, long before the Queen, Princess Diana put her mini clutch bags to a very good use. She referred to them as her “cleavage bags” because she would use them to hide her cleavage from the paparazzi as she got out of a car. Clutch bags- surprisingly versatile, indeed!

Cover Photo Credit: SheKnows