Paris Couture Week Day IV: Jean Paul Gaultier

Some of Jean Paul Gaultier‘s most memorable collections of the past were themed. Remember tribal tattooing and fetish piercings, or the Orthodox Jews’ religious observance clothing? This time, the genius (and often provocative) designer opted for ski culture, focusing most on luxurious snow bunnies, chairlift glamazon and deliciously crisp morning snow. Before the show started, the guests were handed a copy of the program only to discover that each outfit had a nameGstaad the Way It Is, L’Avalanche, What You Looping At, et cetera.

There were some exquisite pieces resembling Gaultier’s old work: the slouchy cardigan jacket embellished with blue and white Fair Isle patterns created out of pearls, say, or the fairly abbreviated Aran sweater dress crafted from mousseline ribbons. Perfect tailoring and impressive handiwork took the center stage. here was the off-kilter bias cutting of his le smoking, or a camel coat deconstructed to slip-slide with a swoosh across an ivory knit body, both looks being pretty darn chic. That’s a phrase one usually wants to avoid like a skier hitting glassy ice when discussing a runway show, but in this case, it’s entirely appropriate.

The colors? You name, Gaultier has it. Judging by the way he designed, structured, fit and shaped the pieces, the following winter will be glamorous and your skiing adventure attention-worthy.

Photo Credit: The Impression