Paris Couture Week Day IV: Elie Saab

Female warriors, fashion conquerors, couture queens and princesses. They sway in the wind but forcefully stand their ground. At Elie Saab, we witnessed a legendary haute couture show, portraying contrasts and beauty hidden between light and dark. The newest collection of the storied couturier captures the opulence and wild beauty of medieval times and translates it into fiercely elegant feminine silhouettes. Imagine voluminous allures of nobility in forest green, gold that appears in all its glory weaving itself subtly in every piece, long lavishing embellished coats that pay tribute to the ornamental artistry of the era and vivid red that contrasts in darker and more solemn colors. All of that and much more created #ATaleOfFallenKings.

The runway was graced by the jaw-dropping pieces expected from Elie Saab, yet with details fit for the Game of Thrones: dramatic, dark, velvety gowns, fur capelets and intricate embroidery, satin belts, floral headbands- just like the warrior queens who wear their crowns as they take their rightful place at the throne of hearts and minds and proclaiming their everlasting reign from medieval to modern times.

And if all of that was not already enough, a regal bridal gown adorned with threads of gold earned a rightful place at the throne. The defile was magnifique!

Photo Credit: WWD (runway photos) The Impression (cover photo)