Paris Couture Week Day II: Dior

The crowning event of the Couture Week in Paris was the highly-anticipated Maria Grazia Chiuri‘s Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 haute couture collection for Dior. As a preview of what might await, yesterday Dior team gave away a couple of hints in form of a special bond Chiuri shares with the Italian artist Pietro Ruffo. Ruffo’s take on the destinations visited by Monsieur Dior were the indication of the couture to come. Dior’ voyages to Europe, Africa, America and beyond served as the inspiration for the new collection unveiled today at the Place Vauban. “Mind the Map” was inspired by one particular Ruffo’s piece, ‘l’Atlas des animaux d’Europe”, a bestiary set against an old European atlas. The work is interpreted by the Roman artist as an invitation to travel, a symbol of freedom and ethnicity visions seen in the exclusive VIDEO presented just few hours before the show began.

Little by little, one by one, Chiuri’s creations came together for a big day. Les petits mains worked non-stop to bring these ravishing wonders to life. The old European atlas, central focus point of the collection, represents a yearning for faraway lands, discovering the world and oneself, emotion and growth. Powerful message, such as the feminist one she presented in her previous work. Chiuri managed to redefine the term haute couture and transform it to something completely wearable. The looks recalled the vintage travel outfits, particularly the ones from the 1890’s. Darker, more structured silhouettes were perfectly contrasted with light, sheer and flowy long dresses. From all shades of grey (70 to be exact- for the 70th anniversary), perfectly balanced nudes to dark black and a hint of red, the color harmonization was impeccable.

To whom much is given, much is expected. Maria Grazia Chiuri definitely never seizes to amaze the fashion world. Bravo!

Photo Credit: Dior (runway photos), Vogue (Cover photo)