KitX Resort 2018

She is a master of ethical and sustainable clothing that not only looks beautiful, but feels amazing to wear as well. On Wednesday evening, Kit Willow presented her 2018 Resort collection to the Australian fashion industry and delivered yet another must-buy collection. Behind her label KitX, the designer continuously pursues the love of creation in harmony with her passion for nature. She is one of the most known Aussie designers that, interestingly, has a degree in psychology. While working with one of the French masters of draping, she formed the early interest of textile led design and got interested in the strong effect design today has to our psychological well being.

Willow’s newest collection is comprised of her signature pieces- strapless dress with the asymmetrical hem, still cut from hemp but in pale pink and navy blue and a new electric blue print and fresh, slightly more structured shapes. She definitely strives to be a pioneer in design-led, sustainable and ethical fashion. ‘We create product love with high frequency wear, superior quality and creative design while consciously sourcing materials that minimize harm to our planet’s precious resources’, stated the designer. ‘I strongly believe in a better world, through the simple mantra of making women look and feel beautiful, without harming our planet, so everyone can win’, she added. Willow used sheer, light materials and a winning combination of black and white elegance. Even the power messages she conveyed on two dresses were in perfect sync with the design policy she advocates for. It might be fashion down under, but it is definitely on top!

Scroll down to see my favorite looks from the runway.


Photo Credit: Getty Images