Denmark Calling!

I have never visited Denmark but, from what I can hear and read, it is a wonderful country with a stringent accent on minimalism. Scandinavian culture (wonderfully focused on owning less) is long an old news, but even though it is empowering ownership of less stuff, it focuses on more (much more!) of life. While researching for minimalist Scandinavian fashion, I discovered a contemporary designer with an impeccable taste for excellence and j’envie to have it all. Okay, I could settle for the latest collection, at least. Cecilie Bahnsen is a name you should definitely write down in your chic journals. Danish designer with an MA in Womenswear Design from the renowned Royal College of Art in London and design experience from some of the best international brands, has developed strong understanding of creating high quality clothes and unique designs.

By taking inspiration from traditional techniques, such as quilting, patchwork and appliqué embroidery, she focuses on craftsmanship. However, she uses them in new and audacious ways. Her simple and feminine silhouettes work as beautiful canvases for her delicate embroidery and fabric combinations that all show a deep understanding of structure and craftsmanship. Cecilie’s elegant and effortless pieces show a love for playing with the layering of transparent and opaque styles to create a modern and alluring look.

With the latest Fall 2017 collection she definitely took the spotlight at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Even though she is, technically, still a newcomer (barely stepped into her third season), she has already been picked up by Dover Street Market. London’s famed concept store embraced her fashionable, nicely tailored, modern and above all feminine frocks as the obscure treasure we’d all like to posses. Her vision of Fall 2017 is black and white-ish. There are trifling shades of nude, but the ever-trending B&W duo dominates the collection. The legacy of John Galliano, for who she had interned, is more than visible through her choice of technique. Embroidered fishnet baby-doll dresses were paired with sculpturally tailored, crisp white shirts, while silk quilted trousers and vest combos looked sophisticated when paired with ruffled neck-collar blouses. There were also pretty little eyelet capelets styled with collegiate fisherman’s knits.

As the Danish would say it, I am himmelfalden by this collection. Meget smuk, indeed.


For those eager to learn Danish: *himmelfalden- astonished, *meget smuk- very beautiful 

To learn more about Cecilie, visit the following link