Nobi Talai F/W RTW 2017/18

Berlin based fashion designer Nobieh Talaei, is a designer that successfully combines East and West. Her love of textiles and pure, archetypal forms runs like a thread through her grandmother’s nomadic family heritage, as well as through a background in traditional handcrafts and dressmaking skills. Although she was born in Tehran, she continues to study many different cultures which is more than noticeable in her work. Her Fall/Winter 2017/2018 collection is strongly inspired by geometric structures and Cubist forms. This is no wonder having in mind her last Spring/Summer collection comprised out of strong geometrically shaped pieces, perfect cutting and layering technique. Layering is a technique that became a trademark for Nobi Talai house. This season, paired with a rich color palette, it resulted with a collection that is equally unique and feminine.

With the use of triangular folds she gave interesting proportions to skirts and sleeves, while fur and leather capes gave angular balance to the looks. Rich shades of chocolate and burgundy, which were oftentimes layered tone-on-tone, made it really difficult to tell where one piece ends and the next begins. This was particularly seen in dark blue, white and black leather jumpsuits, or was that just a mix of a blouse, skirt and pants? Even though this was a highly geometrical collection, light fabrics softened up the strict forms. The most interesting part of the collections were rounded shirt-like hems, such as the one seen on a full-length soft white leather dress that had an air of ceremonial robe.

Another interesting feature of this collection was the use of the raglan sleeve, which gave a more casual dimension to certain looks made of leather and silk. Surely, let us not remember the highlight of the runway, an off-white skirt structured like a Chinese lantern. All in all, a very classy, elegant but sharp collection. Check out the runway photos bellow and enjoy!


Photo Credit: The Impression