Les Sublimes-Ethical Hedonists

As the second largest polluting industry in the world (next to oil, believe it or not!), fashion seriously threatens our planet and its resources. Having in mind that every stage in garment’s life requires use of chemicals and a range of dyeing and finishing processes, I can’t help but wonder… Can the fashion industry become sustainable?

Fashion shapes and reflects society and communities, their culture and diversity, it is both personal and universal. There is little doubt that the fashion industry is a vast, complicated system which in some way touches practically every person on the planet. But, do we really know where are clothes come from? Can we recognize if they are made well? Do we know the difference between polyester and cotton? (Note: Making polyester produces up to 9 times more CO2 emissions than cotton because it is an oil product. Hence, it is not biodegradable.) Consumers, with their never-ending sense of having nothing to wear, often contribute to the pollution factor. Shopping ‘just to shop’ leads to a mass production of garments we don’t actually wear, but store in our closets. Somehow, we transformed into a society that values fast trends and disposability. Problem is, these new values are not sustainable… at all!


Questioning and challenging alternative means of clothing production is an every day task for many eco-friendly brands, surely both delightful and difficult at the same time. What if I told you there is a clothing brand that combines sustainability, quality, style and accessible luxury? Les Sublimes is a brand that offers a permanent collection of wardrobe essentials made transparently in France with love and the ever-alluring je ne sais quoi. 

Betting against fast fashion and dedicating their business to ethical principles, two inspiring, talented and beautiful women, stand behind Les Sublimes stylish yet simple pieces that will make you wear them again and again. Alexis Assoignon and Kachen Hong believe that the purpose of Les Sublimes is to make people happy while respecting mother Nature, and to present a hope for a better future.

‘That is the soul of what we do. Les Sublimes exists to demonstrate that design, thoughtfulness and sustainability can be married in our fashion choices. We make people proud of the clothes they wear and the choices they make. We consider the environmental impact throughout every step of producing our collections and packaging. Our for-purpose business model supports non-exploitative and gainful employment, providing good jobs in our home country of France and throughout our supply chain around the world. Good jobs lift families out of the cycle of poverty. Good jobs create permanent solutions.’


There is a common misconception that eco-friendly fashion is available only to the upper class. This may have been the case years ago. However, with the rise of a ‘less is more’ mindset and development of a more healthier attitude towards fashion, eco-friendly fashion is becoming more and more available to all conscious consumers. When it comes to Les Sublimes, think items that are high quality and everlasting. They are most certainly not disposable! Designed to withstand wear and tear, their products have a positive impact on the environment. Every piece is infused with luxury, comfort and effortless beauty. The entire collection is produced responsibly but is, nevertheless, wallet-friendly. This proves you really can have it all! Green is the new black, and this eco luxe brand will make you look fashionable without having to feel guilty.


Les Sublimes products are made in France in a 2nd generation family-run atelier outside of Lyon. The collection includes tank tops, tees and knit dresses- stylish knitwear essentials for women. It is made from organic, sustainably- harvested natural resources, using innovative technology that reduces water consumption, recovers waste and preserves neighboring ecosystems. As the advocates of a ‘buy better’ philosophy, Les Sublimes creates clothing that helps women make better quality shopping choices. It is fashion without compromise, saving the planet one dress at a time. Added bonus: it’s healthier for you too!

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