Sanja’s Haute Choices

She has been hosting one of the most popular Serbian talk shows for seventeen years, a show that features a panel of well-known personalities discussing current events, pop culture, family, friendships, love, celebrities, trending topics and… fashion! Sanja Marinković is a well-respected journalist that strives to engage both her guests and viewers at home on issues she covers in Magazin IN– a talk show that became a synonym for this great (and fashionable!) woman. The show includes guest interviews with singers, actors, politicians, entertainers, writers, athletes, as well as musical and dance performances, intriguing games and real-world advice and tips from leading experts in fashion, lifestyle, culture, relationships, sex, fitness, diet, health and home.

With her ever-evolving sense of style, she metamorphosed on TV screen from a timid, nonchalant woman to a confident and vamp lady that became recognized for her unique appearance, sharp tongue and a loving charisma that is, according to many, a secret ingredient for her success. Recently we spoke about fashion, respectively the upcoming trends, hits-and-misses of the industry and shared thoughts about several dilemmas of the fashion and beauty world.

We started with a couple of quick questions to break the ice:

Double-Winged Eyeliner vs. Barely There Wings? – Barely There Wings.

Classic Black Pumps vs. Neutral Pumps? -Neutrals, naturally.

Slip-on Party Dress vs. Sheer Black Dress?– Slip-on.

Chanel Medium Boy Bag vs. Black Diorama bag?– Dior!

Matte vs. Glossy Lips? – Matte lips, for sure.

Ruffles vs. Peplum? – Ruffles, please. 

Culottes vs. Skinny Leather Pants? – Leather, leather, leather. 

Dark Denim vs. Light Denim Jeans? – Dark jeans, definitely. 

So, now that we’ve covered the basics… What are your thoughts about wearing sweatpants in public?

Well, due to comfort and natural materials that sweatpants are usually made from, I often wear them at home, or while jogging in the winter time. This is the one clothing item I would never wear while strolling through the city or having drinks with my girlfriends. I especially dislike the type of sweatpants that are low cut in the back and go way down to the thighs. Definitely not my cup of tea!

What about sheer, naked dresses? Would you ever opt for such outfit?

You know what they say, a naked dress on a woman symbolizes her naked thoughts. I won’t lie- from time to time, I do wear ‘naked’ dresses. My outfit choice for this New Years Eve was a beige, sheer dress designed by Lepa Danojević. I got a lot of compliments for it. Although it was very sexy and attractive, it was as the same time very mild and elegant. I try to always emphasize that it is not about the dress, it is about the woman who wears it.

Do you advocate for cosmetic surgery?

I am not a fan of cosmetic or plastic surgery. I especially despise over-accentuated attributes, such as the lips, breast or buttocks. I would rather choose a great therapist than a great surgeon.

What do you think about real fur?

I got my first coat made out of real fur just last year. It was a gift from Stevanović fur house, custom made by my choice and I have to tell you that it was love at first sight! Neither my grandmother nor my mother owned a pair of fur clothing item in their wardrobe. They did not wear fur at all, so this fashion imperative bypassed me through generations. I discovered this fashion trend last winter, and stayed loyal to it this winter, as well.

Serbian fashion scene is…?

Whenever someone mentions the term Serbian fashion scene, I think of Verica Rakočević, Biljana Tipsarević, Ašok Murti and Igor Todorović. I respect their work very much and I gladly visit their shows. I have a couple of dresses in my closet that are designed by Verica Rakočević, and I LOVE them. As I grow older, I tend to focus more on local designers and it is already well known that I advocate exclusively for local clothing and shoe brands when it comes to my looks in Magazin IN.

For more information about Sanja and her TV show, check out her website.

Cover Photo Credit: Hello magazine Serbia