I don’t think NYFW was ever this exciting! Aside from ‘freeing the nipple’ during the freezing New York winter -a ‘trend’ I personally despise- the rest is pretty much graceful, styled and fashion-worthy. Today’s Victoria Beckham show was (just our luck!) live-streamed by many fashion and media outlets. The mixture of classical and modern music in the background, dim lighting and- what appears to be- a color block collection made this show a one to remember. Victoria stayed true to her unique aesthetic, incorporating over-sized coats and impeccable leather accessories in her Fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection. She surely envisions women as strong, powerful, energetic and effectual beings. Actually, the entire collection looks like the designer’s own wardrobe. “This is really what I want to wear,” she says. “It’s a modern way of dressing that’s not too try-hard. It’s just easy and fun.” However, this is a true testimony of the evolution of Victoria as a designer, and her own personal evolution. It is fun and easy, but mature at the same time.

She re-introduced the classics, with a modern twist! We could say it is a professional chic- with pink and white items to provide a less-formal balance to the knit dressing, tailored jackets and over-sized coats. She uses eclectic, bold colors in a very unintimidating way. Long, opera-length leather gloves are perfectly paired with wedge boots, while color-block tops and dresses come in sync with flat, pointed black shoes. The only thing I disliked were the models, respectively the speedy catwalk. What happened with the main purpose of modeling- showing off the clothes? It was as if they traveled through the runway at the speed of light. I am sure we will have the opportunity to see much of the items from this new collection on Victoria, and I am eager to see how she decides to pair them. It will be posh, naturally!

Photo Credit: Umberto Fratini