Silhouettes as Fine Art

I am not saying that Vogue editors are (usually!) wrong in their judgement, but when they said that Martin Grant doesn’t leave a writer with much to report, they were- big time! Accusing him of lacking theme, muse and talking points was rude, to say the least. This Australian prodigy designed his first ready-to-wear collection at the age of 16. He was quickly recognized by the Australian fashion industry and was soon after named Cointreau Young Designer of the Year. After establishing his studio in Paris, and having Naomi Campbell model his collection, he pretty much became one of fashion’s most loved designers. Over the years, he created his own house and developed a network of private clients and loyal international buyers. The list of his celebrity clients includes his muses Cate Blanchett and Lee Radziwill, as well as Juliette Binoche, Emmanuelle Devos, Tilda Swinton, Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Emma Stone, Eva Longoria, HH Sheikha Moza and Queen Rania of Jordan.

His silhouettes stand out for their pure lines that are both simple and spectacular. Grant’s work reflects his refined understanding of structure and volume. Each garment is constructed in such a way as to maintain a direct relationship to the body as a sculptural form. With his Spring/Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection he proved to be the master of silhouettes, whom he finesses as if they’re a fine art. The lengthening effect of his trousers and jumpsuits and creating cocktail dresses that look good from up close and afar are the proof of his magical talent. With this collection, a greater emphasis on a graphic print proved just how precise he can be. I was, and still am, mesmerized with the way he layers black fabrics and how they perfectly fit the body. This is, by far, my favorite ready-to-wear collection for Spring/Summer 2017. Enjoy the photo gallery bellow!

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