January Haute Choices

If I tried defining trends nowadays, that would not be an easy task. Trends are, in essence, very complex mechanisms that mirror changes in fashion landscapes. Fashion itself expresses modernity, symbolizing the spirit of the times. ‘The trends’ are not what they used to be. Many savvy consumers now follow their own fashion rules (which I applaud), inspired by what they see on the runways, streets, the internet and live-streamed fashion shows that are slowly becoming a staple channel for fashion lovers.

Throughout the years, my fashion choices changed… a lot! I’ve always been a bit of gambler, but ultimately stayed loyal to minimalist style I inherited from my mother. The following questions were originally prepared for a different person, but I decided to rather share my insights on the haute choices for this month. Enjoy!

Simplicity vs. Extravagance?

Simplicity. Always. If you’re planning to be extravagant, make sure you’re name is Iris Apfel. Otherwise, stay true to a bit more low-key appearance. Oftentimes, simplicity evokes more meaningful attention than the forced extravagance.

Black Tie vs. Tuxedo?

It depends on the occasion. I prefer black tie, but a tuxedo never killed nobody (especially if you’re invited to a night at the Philharmonic, or a State Dinner).

Couture vs. Ready-To-Wear Bridal Gowns?

Again, it depends… on the bride. I was never a fan of large, sparkly, can’t-breathe-in bridal gowns. The only one I actually endured (and with pleasure, if I may add!) was the gorgeous, white Alexander McQueen wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day. However, the most gorgeous wedding gown I’ve ever seen was the John Galliano custom-made gown Kate Moss, worn at St Peter’s parish church the day she married Jamie Hince. It was a chiffon, thirties kind of gown, screaming couture from its every stitch.

Costume vs. Clothing Design?

I’m not a designer, but I must say costume design. I recently had the opportunity to research the creation process of ballet costumes. I was fascinated by the amount of imagination, knowledge, craftsmanship and talent that goes into every single detail. It is definitely more challenging to design a costume than a piece of clothing (unless you’re Karl Lagerfeld, of course. That genius creates magic in every single piece he designs.)

Social Media vs. Traditional Media?

Social media, for sure. It offers many, many, many tools to put yourself and your work out there and, when I say out there, I mean the entire world. If used properly, it can be very effective. Personally, I prefer Instagram. It’s the social network of 2k17!

Glitter vs. Clearness?

Clearness. No doubt!

Manolo Blahnik vs. Jimmy Choo?

Since I’m a classic girl, I have to say Manolo. His designs are timeless. Jimmy Choo tends to cheat on elegance with extravagance. As much as I believe that there is nothing wrong in doing that, I still prefer brands that stay loyal to their vision.

Nude vs. White?

Both. Nude palette, combined with black and white, goes a long way- every single time. Unlike Anna Wintour, I pretty much like all-black outfits, flowerless dresses and minimalist design (as stated a hundred times before).


My thoughts on…

         Children Couture?

Over rated. Let’s let our kids be kids. There is nothing wrong with that.

         Local Fashion Scene?

Pretty much non-existing.

         Wedding Industry?

Again, over rated. I know that this is a special day we’re talking about, but less is more- even on this occasion.

         Business Women?

Empowering, inspiring, motivating, encouraging, animating, refreshing. I look up to many business women locally and globally, and I am always so proud to witness their success, progress and the changes they make in this world. Girl power!

Cover Photo Credit: Herb Ritts