Sustainable vs. Fashionable? You don’t have to choose!

Sustainably designed clothing and accessories have come a long way since their humble beginnings. From recycled, organic materials and vegetable dyed leather, fashion designers have brought the game to another level when it comes to style, form and function. The consumers, on the other hand, have changed the game completely by seeking to learn where the products are being made, and by who. Sustainable fashion is the future- without a doubt! It is about being kind to our environment, responsible with the resources we are given and treating workers like human beings. Whether you’re a lover of art or fashion (or both!), make it your job to be curatorial in your approach in putting together your wardrobe, as if you were putting together an art exhibition. Once you master that technique, it will serve as a pretty good defense against the temptation to buy yet another pair of jeans when you already own ten (at least!).


In search for a brand that combines both great design and sustainability, I discovered OOD Italy (note: It’s written OOD, sounds like WOOD). Passionate about sustainable development and eco-friendly fashion, a father and daughter from Italy created Ligneah, a material made out of- believe it or not– wood! Marcello and Marta Antonelli searched for the perfect leather alternative for months. It had to be natural, recyclable, durable and eco-friendly- naturally! After testing numerous approaches, it was python skin that ultimately served as an inspiration. Being composed out of sequence of scales, its structure represented a model that could be re-applied to a more rigid material, finally modifying it into something more soft. They chose wood because it combined all their required elements: natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and glamour looking. May I just add that it’s the chicest eco material on the market? Not only do they produce the IT handbags, the list goes on to fashion accessories, shoes, car accessories and much more. Wondering how they did it? Keep reading.


“Ligneah stemmed from the desire to create a new material: natural, sustainable and cruelty- free. Wood has given us the answers, and fashion has provided the first area of use. This is how our natural tissue came into being, together with OOD, a fashion brand that uses solely our materials to make products that combine an equal love of design, fashion and the environment.” 


Marcello and Marta Antonelli are no strangers to the fashion industry. Marcello is a businessman and former executive of textile companies, while his daughter Marta is a fashion designer who specializes in fashion accessories and trend research. Discovering this ground-breaking material is extremely important (not only to them, but to the entire planet!) because it provides endless possibilities. Everything that can be made from textile can be made from Ligneah. If you were wondering about its durability, rest assured that it is made to last. After laser engraving, a water protection layer is being spread to the surface of the material which gives the wood strength while keeping its flexibility at the same time.


Some of OOD Italy products are hand made, such as the gorgeous IVY clutch-bag (shop HERE), while some are made by the Italian artisans. They are committed to proving that sustainability is not just a word. Try not to fall in love with OOD once you learn that the wood they use comes from certified forests, managed ethically and with utmost respect for the local ecosystems. One single tree provides enough material for production of 200 bags and 150 pairs of shoes and, for every product they sell they plant another tree (Bravo!) Each of their fashionable products has a unique pattern and adds personality to any outfit- if you’re looking for something exclusive and meaningful, this is it. By choosing OOD you are not only protecting the world, but also helping to make it a better place.


Inspired by the Greek mythology, each of their bags are named after Nymphs. The wonderful woodland maidens inspired OOD shoppers, as well as clutch bags.

‘It is amazing how many combinations can be created by working with OOD. So do not believe anyone who tells you it is only wood.’

OOD Italy is also a proud partner of Tree-Nation, a planting community united against climate change, and supports their reforestation projects. They chose their own materials following the principles outlined by Greenpeace in the guide for selecting wood. They are strongly committed to proving the rest of the industry that sustainability is not a choice, but a key to a brighter future. Make sure to stop by their online shop to browse through the variety of luxurious products and, remember, being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle- and that kind of lifestyle is our only alternative.

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