What to expect in 2017?

Looking back on 2016, I must admit it was unforgettable- especially when it comes to fashion. There was chaos, a lot of (unexpected) changes in major fashion houses, we got introduced to the ‘see-now-buy-now’ concept, Tom Ford gave consumers immediate access to collections, we lost Bill Cunningham and Franca Sozzani, phone cases replaced handbags, and the supermodels got replaced by the millennials (what a shame, right?), platforms replaced high heels and statement jewelry (miraculously) survived! Thanks to Karl Lagerfeld (and the good will of the government of Rome) models walked on water (literally!), real fur was back on track, fake one was, too. Chanel cruised all over Cuba, while Ralph Lauren stopped traffic in New York so models could turn the sidewalk into a runway. If all this is not enough, let’s stroll down the memory lane and remember the designers who, infamously, lost their jobs in 2016: Alber Elbaz (Lanvin), Peter Dundas (Roberto Cavalli) and Peter Copping (Oscar de la Renta). I guess it’s true what they say- when fashion doesn’t sell, heads start to roll.

However, amid all this fashion frenzy, there are always some constants that we can count on. The people who dictate fashion trends are most likely to dominate fashion on and off the runway in 2017, as well. At the last year’s Met Gala, Anna Wintour stated that her favorite tech gadget is… guess what? A bicycle! I don’t have to emphasize that, following this statement, bicycles became the IT ride of the fashionistas around the globe. Now, if she can do that with means of transportation, just imagine what she can do with the nudes and pleats.

Speaking of nudes, they got replaced by pink. The most popular shade in 2016, for brands such as Hermès or Celine, was a rich hue of camel. Next year, believe it or not, the rich shades of nudes will be replaced with joyous shades of pink. We’ve seen it in Valentino’s and Balenciaga’s collection and, according to Marc Jacobs, it will run the Spring/Summer of 2017. You can use it in the same monochromatic way as you did with white, black or beige. In case you’re not a major fan of pink, turn to pale shades of this vivid color such as blanched almond, light pink, champagne pink, cameo pink or misty rose (check more shades at Pantone).


(Valentino, Spring/Summer 2017, photo credit: Vogue)

Say bye-bye to classic jeans… or, don’t- it’s up to you! But, say hello to khakis. Alexander Wang presented new jeans-inspired khakis that ruled the Spring 2017 runways, and he was not the only one. Kenzo did an ode to 2000’s with high-waist models, while Rag & Bone did a slightly sheer twist and presented their preppy models. Whatever you decide to do, stick to this one rule: the more beige- the better!


(Calvin Klein, Pre-Fall 2016, photo credit: Bloglovin)


(Kenzo, Spring/Summer 2017, photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar)

Another major fashion trend that will run 2017 are the phone cases that serve as handbags. Yes, you read it correctly- the more luxurious, the better! Louis Vuitton kick started this trend at the New York Fashion Week when models strutted down the runway wearing re-designed Petite Malle- inspired phone cases. They won’t cost you 5.000 dollars like a full-sized Petite Malle would, but it will set you back for a couple of hundreds. Although the hype is already there, we’ll have to wait until Spring to see how many street-style phone victims there are.

Louis Vuitton : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017

Louis Vuitton : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017

(Louis Vuitton phone cases, photo credit: Getty Images)

Last, but not least, are the printed tees. Take a flashback to the 90’s and return to the adored logo T-shirts that convey your bold statements to the world. They are no longer reserved for cozy Sundays at home. Feel free to mix them with tulle skirts, ripped jeans or even leather pants. The list of choices is endless! Maria Grazia Chiuri did it for Dior- stating we should all be feminists! Even Chanel did it- putting Coco on the front. Dolce Gabbana presented white tees with their recognizable logo, while mainstream stores such as H&M and Zara already prepared multiple models for you to chose from.


But, please, remember this- Whatever you decide to wear in 2017, let it represent YOU! Whether you stick with last year’s trends or with the 80’s vibe you just cannot let go, make sure you have a lot of fun- because, that’s what this life is all about. Happy New Year, dear readers!

Cover Photo: Dior Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2017 collection, photo credit: vogue.com