Haute Jewelry Lookbook

Since it is the most wonderful time of the year (read: the time holiday spending exceeds one trillion dollars!), take a look at the two jewelry designer profiles who create timeless masterpieces to be treasured. Polished, braided, beaded and stitched entirely by hand, the exquisite range of techniques set a colorful and lively tone for all seasons and will, surely, be the perfect gift for your (fashionable) loved ones. Current, vibrant, quirky and fun, there is a collection to suit every mood, whim, outfit and personality. Prepare to fall in love!

Daniela Design

Daniela Design, established in 2014, has built a reputation for specializing in hand made statement jewelry, recognized mostly by earrings that suit modern women. Daniela Mešalić, mastermind behind the brand, is an independant jeweler who specializes in the unique combination of materials for her statement designs. Inspired by a lifelong love affair with fashion, she creates modern heirlooms- classic, wearable, chic and unique. The choice is up to you!  Her current collection represents a careful fusion of classic design and modern detail, culminating in wearable and desirable pieces, such as the earrings bellow. But, the list goes on! Whether you’re getting married or planning to spend holidays partying abroad with your girlfriends, the perfect accessories await. Prepare to fall in love with the full collection HERE and HERE, or email daniela.bhdesign@gmail.com to discover more about the stunning range of styles. The price? Well, let’s just say that handmade is heartmade- and that is what makes these pieces priceless.


Denita Gioielli

True beauty is inside every woman, and this next jewelry designer centers on enhancing your beauty from the inside out. She is inspired by the old meaningful words, vintage style, the long forgotten good times, memories and dreams. Đenita Gioielli jewelry specializes in soutache, a narrow, flat ornamental braid (usually used to trim garments) and uses it as a base for her stunning, beaded pieces- each carefully handcrafted assuring its originality and character. Every outfit needs some gusto and the jewelry found at Đenita’s charming little gallery in the heart of Sarajevo offers a sartorial solution for your every need. Influenced by Milanese old charm, her design is exquisite, feminine, captivating and each piece in the collection is completely irresistible and tells a unique story. Feel free to browse through the collection HERE and HERE or simply visit her at her gallery in Baščaršija, Sarajevo. (address: Kujundžiluk 12)


Cover photo credit: The Jewelry Lady Store

Product photo credit: Courtesy of the designers