The Bagtastic Story!


Say goodbye to the old, unattractive gear bags, the new era has arrived! With a cool sentiment, two fashion and photography enthusiasts living in Riga and Zurich, created a label that will win over your hearts! Jevgenija Glazunova and Irina Kuzmina are all about shining a light on elegance and style. They speak to the modern day woman (okay, to the modern day man as well!) as a brand that she/he can turn to for glamour and confidence.


In order to better and fully express their aesthetics and appreciation for functionality and beauty, they created POMPIDOO. By incorporating the original photographic vision and inheriting the classic, fashionable sense on luxury, they designed the new IT camera bags for modern photographers. Whether you’re a globetrotter capturing the wonders of the world, or a fashion photographer, POMPIDOO has got your back. Because, when you have a bag that looks this good, you have to sit in the front row!


Celebrating their future forward and modern principals, for more than 5 years they strive to cultivate a unique emotional connection between the brand and the customer. Accurate cutting and balanced geometry of design undoubtedly create eminently practical camera bags. Dynamism seems to be in their genes- they love traveling, exploring, researching and getting inspired. By nature, words are never restrained by space. With the accumulated miles, a widen horizon is coming into a form in front of them. POMPIDOO camera bags are hand-made in Riga and available for purchase in more than 30 countries around the world (at Harrods London, as well.. khm!). They proudly emphasize that their brand supports both their national economy and fair labor (bravo, ladies!).


People say that sophistication is an effortless elegance supported by knowledge and experience. Yet, the right accessories can adduce sophistication. A greater root to guarantee the external elegance must be from the inside. To be self-assured (and absolutely fashionable!) in every occasion, POMPIDOO offers just the right raw or chic solution, depending on your personal taste. Fascinated every time by the majestic transformation from a hand drawing into a 3D object, these two stylish entrepreneurs work hard with their team to keep the creative process rolling. Each piece is as unique as the person who wears them. The combination of an appealing design and high quality craftsmanship are the key components of this outstanding brand. They successfully cater to the busy, confident women (okay, I forgot men again!) and translate the brand’s philosophy that ‘good fashion item should last as long as a good photograph’ into timeless pieces with one of a kind feel.


They promise that they will continue to follow the POMPIDOO story, and we promise to continue to love them for (at least) the next five years. And, since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, you might as well have a Pompidoo Christmas. Check out their website and shop before it’s gone!

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of POMPIDOO