Tamara’s Haute Choices

Sure, you could call Tamara Nikolić a diva. You can play word association game and basically you will get: Lux. Stylish. Timeless. Motherhood. Models have always reflected the zeitgeist—that’s part of the job description. But, there are not a lot of models out there who surpass the model stereotype. Tamara is different. Apart from being stunning, she owns a degree in Economics and speaks fluent Serbian, English, French and Spanish. She has managed to work as a model for some of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, such as Elite and Next Model Management.

But it’s the entrepreneur spirit that kept her pursuing her career and establishing Lux to Go, a luxury web magazine for modern, fashionable and business oriented people. Lux to Go is a daily source of inspiration and style that includes fashion tips, latest trends, beauty tips and much more. Through  it, you will get the chance to see a glimpse into Tamara’s world.

I am so excited to announce this collaboration and offer you a unique insight to Tamara’s Haute Choices. And, if this is not enough, step into her life on Instagram and Facebook. And, just in case you still want more, feel free to follow Lux to Go on Facebook.

Fashion vs. Style?

In my opinion, fashion is concerned with what is trendy, what is in stores at this moments and what are supermodels rocking on the runways around the world. And, even though I try to keep up with everything that is currently in fashion magazines and social media, style is my identity. It is about having my outsides match my insides. A stylish person tends to show a great ability to know what suits their body type better, also their hair color or skin tone. Style can also be shown in the way we move and speak. It is a part of our character. We all know that famous Yves Saint Laurent quote: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Loafers vs. Heels?

My answer to this question is LOAFERS, LOAFERS, LOAFERS! Since I’ve started modeling at a very young age, I’ve worn heels on castings, fashion shows, photo shoots, presentations, events… Almost everywhere for years. My feet hurt a lot at that period. So, now I only wear high heels when it is necessary and I can’t wait to take them off (laugh!)

Chic vs. Sleek?

Chic and sleek, depending on the occasion and my mood, of course. Sometimes pajama is the only outfit I like.

Tote vs. Clutch?

I have to say tote. I tend to carry many things with me all the time, like makeup, hairbrush, my favorite perfume, cards, mobile charger, notebook etc. So, there is no place for everything in a clutch. Of course, when I wear a gown on special occasions, a clutch is necessary.

Natural vs. Vamp?

During the day, I tend not to wear much makeup, and the look I usually go for is natural. A little bit of mascara, pale pink blush, lip gloss and I am good to go. But, when I go out at night, I just LOVE to glam up. Then I contour, shape my eyebrows, do smokey eyes, put my fake eyelashes on, lipstick and my vamp look is done. I do my makeup perfectly and I am thinking about making a YouTube tutorial very soon.

80’s vs. 90’s fashion?

None! I like 50’s fashion the most. It is very chic, feminine and classy. 80’s and 90’s are the worst fashion periods in my opinion.

Floral vs. Monochrome?

Floral prints are very popular but I have to say monochrome. I love black and white classic combos and when styled just right, monochrome is by fare the chicest- and easiest- color combination to pull off.