Have Yourself a Haute Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Buying a Christmas gift for your loved ones (that they will actually love) is no mean feat. Thankfully, you have me (yay!) I am very aware of this dilemma that many of us face every year and have compiled a list of awesome haute Christmas gifts for her (because, as you might have noticed, I focus on women fashion). Is there a woman out there that doesn’t like Louis Vuitton? So how about the most wanted accessory out there? Alternatively, if you like her than you should put a ring on it! Let us start.

We all hate to admit this, but can you really remember the last time your phone was in your bag for longer than it was in your hand or the table? That is why Louis Vuitton decided to make our lives (and our phones) more luxurious and fashionable. Thank you, LV, for elevating our new reality. Every season the brand debuts a selection of new style bags, but at Paris Fashion Week, they presented the Petite Malle phone case. The luxe case comes in blue croc, gilded gold and the LV checkered Damier print, in addition to the classic brown monogrammed version. It comes complete with a key-ring attachement, carried in lieu of a traditional bag- which BAGS the question: The price? Unlike their basic leather hard cases that range from 180-250 dollars, this one will come with a high price tag. Make sure to pre-order it as it will be available in sale next Spring.


We all know what a statement ring is? (If not, wake up and smell the fresh coffee ASAP). They have become the modern day signature ring for many fashionistas out there. They are no longer saved for special occasions. Larger than life rings are being worn everyday. Since the trend is giving no signs of giving up, we might as well get used to seeing the fashion elite with a large ring on their fingers, which immediately becomes the talking point of their outfit among their followers. A good statement ring will surely brighten up your day, and especially Christmas day. You can jazz it up with a little black dress or style it down with a more casual outfit. The choice is up to you! For this occasion, my selection is Francesca Villa’s white-agate ring. The price? A modest £7.500.


Contrary to your belief, this is not a necklace. No, it’s not magic wand either. Although, the designer described it as such. Christian Louboutin is a creator of rare objects (remember the nail polish?). Inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement, Louboutin designed the new, matte lipstick case. The solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious vial. The turret-like crown cap is topped with a small ring threaded with a silk ribbon, turning the lip color into a necklace. Now, if you’re an extravagant, Lady Gaga-like person, feel free to wear it as you wish. It’s price? I found it for 90 dollars and Nordstrom.


Another item, that is so worth the splurge, is the Santos de Cartier pen. To me, this is the most perfect gift ever. Even though we live in a tech era, I still prefer to use my hand to write down the most important notes, thoughts and ideas. Even signing boring documents becomes and experience when a Cartier pen is involved. This one is plated in palladium, which is comparable to platinum, and is etched with the signature Cartier logo. It comes in a red storage box, and it perfectly manifest the Cartier ‘art de vivre’. This little thing will cost you 390 dollars.


Last, but surely not least, is the Il Borgo Fox Fur pull-through scarf. Now, this ridiculously opulent gift will show that you care. Like, really care. It comes in one size, and one color- charcoal. It is the ideal cozy, fuzzy accessory that will keep you warm. I found it at Neiman Marcus at the price of 2000 euros. Indulge!