The Fashion Revolution

landscape-1477524667-hbz-straight-curve-00-indexFor decades now, there is a trend in the world of fashion of promoting thin, white beauty ideals. “Current unrealistic standards of beauty” is something Jenny McQuaile wishes to challenge with her new photo exhibition that celebrates diverse women. McQuaile is a director of Straight/Curve, a documentary about body image and fashion industry leaders challenging society’s current (unrealistic) standards of beauty.


The days of promoting a thin, white beauty ideal are over. “At a time when 90 percent of women say they do not feel represented by fashion or the media, we absolutely have to change the imagery we are seeing,” McQuaile further explains of the Straight Curve: Fashion Reimagined by Anastasia Garcia exhibit, which opened in New York last night. “We hope to hammer home the point that if we can do it, then so can the fashion industry. There are no more excuses. This is a call to action for the fashion industry and media.”


The exhibition aims to showcase “highly polished fashion images we’re accustomed to seeing, with models we aren’t so accustomed to seeing,” says McQuaile. And, if the Spring 2017 collections taught us anything, it’s that the fashion world is becoming increasingly inclusive in terms of body type, age, race and sexuality; but it still needs an extra push to fully embrace diversity. The Straight/Curve project aims to be that push.


Visit their website to learn some fun facts such as that 70 percent of teens define ideal body image as what they see in fashion magazines, or that 650 billions dollars is expected to be earned in the global weight loss industry this year!

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