Chanel Celebrates Cuba, again!

‘Cuando quiero estrallar yo me voy a mi zona.. Pa’ la Havana yo me voy…’ The first that comes to mind while watching the beautiful Cuban surroundings is this catching Orishas song. Last year, in the same magical, colorful, vibrant place, Karl Lagerfeld shot his Chanel Cruise campaign inspired by the pastel hues and retro vibe of Havana. Last year, Chanel also became the first luxury house to hold a runway show in Cuba. 700 guests and 45 models flew to the very trendy location for a weekend-long extravaganza. Models were strutting through the streets, local musicians were providing a live runway soundtrack and Karl proudly stated that “this is all about my vision of Cuba. But, of course, what do I know about Cuba? It is very childish, my idea.”


This year, the designer opted for Cuba again. The new campaign perfectly represents the personal style message that fashion is currently sending- when in doubt, layer more on and don’t forget to add some sparkle if you’re in the mood. Models Mica Arganaraz and Stella Tennant shot around the streets of Havana and alongside the rocky coastline. According to the press release, the black berets the models wear in the photos are a “playful nod to Che” and the color palette is inspired by “the vibrant facades of Havana.”

Chanel is saying that, this season, more-is-more! Feel free to mix a vibrant sweater over a logo t-shirt and tweed skirt worn with a headscarf and large earrings. Perhaps even try to mix a panama hat, boucle jacket, biker shorts and a bodysuit. If really bold, maybe even a bathing suit with mesh cover up, tropical print sweater, neckerchief and sequin beret all at once? If Karl approves, we must obey.

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