St. Patrick’s Sunday

Nobody makes a model- some girls are just like that. This picture was taken for a couture shot. Anna Wintour was editor of British Vogue at the time and in hospital having a baby. I called and said, ‘Don’t worry, it looks fantastic!- Patrick Demarchelier

On the eve of the Paris show of the work of Patrick Demarchelier- one of fashion’s favorite and most loved photographers, some of the many people he worked with shared  their impressions and anecdotes about the great man. Mario Testino, Anna Harvey, Claudia Schiffer and many more share their stories and views about a man so humble and wise we can rename him to St. Patrick.

“What other photographers make a meal out of seems, with Patrick, to be effortless. It always makes me laugh how his accent can get much stronger when he doesn’t want to talk to people. He has a brilliant, friendly way of working on shoots. When he shot me for Vogue’s 2007 ‘ageless’ issue, he was very good with my mother who also featured in the issue, saying “when we’re finished with retouching, you’ll look younger than your daughter.” (Cecilia Chancellor, model)

“When I started taking pictures in 1987, Patrick was already a star. I was a big admirer; he had everything I wanted. On one of my early jobs, I flew from New York to LA and was sat next to Patrick. During the five-hour flight, he made me feel that, one day, I too could be at the top of my career. He’s continued to be kind to me, even saying, ‘Don’t worry when you lose a job to me, it will always come back to you and you can charge a higher fee!'(Mario Testino, photographer)

“I think the first time Patrick and I worked together was for Italian Vogue many years ago. I love the way he always calls you ‘bébé’-he’s such a charmer. He even persuaded me to pose naked on the beach of St. Barths, after trying for at least 10 years!” (Claudia Schiffer, model)

“I styled for Princess Diana for her picture with Patrick. You can see her flirting with him down the lens. The unique quality of the pictures comes from the fact that, being French, Patrick wasn’t sycophantic. He’s just a lovable middle-aged bear; there’s o tugging of forelocks.” (Anna Harvey, former Vogue fashion director)

Vogue Spain made an amazing tribute to this living genius that will make you love him even more. He makes women look beautiful, sexy and confident. It is all about the moment and the energy on the set. Catch a glimpse of the magical atmosphere and the uniqueness that make Patrick a legend.