Sine Qua NON!

Founded in Poland by Anna Dobek and Agata Macios, THISISNON embodies minimalist fashion design. The brand’s aim is to design clothing that is independent of fashion and trends (and yet, somehow, they are super trendy!) and to create simple and functional fashion that results in a number of classic (and timeless!) pieces. Fabrics used (mainly merino wool) come entirely from Poland and retain the functionality of the garments as they are warm, breathable and hypoallergenic.

It is their main goal to make a difference by encouraging timeless, long lasting design that challenges fashion. They believe that buying less and seeking quality rises respect for human work and planet resources. They offer their clothing to people interested in ideas rather than trends, who find beauty in simplicity, as they insistently do.

If you enjoy simple cuts and shapes, minimalist clothing that you can combine with statement pieces and garments, you will immediately become a fan of the sine qua NON label. As previously stated, every piece is produced locally with full respect for human and labour rights, which gives the brand a stamp of ecological and economic awareness. It is as equally sustainable as it is gorgeous! Whether you’re a fan of raw silk garments or the ones made of wool or black merino, feel free to shop this rainy day away at their ONLINE SHOP.