Have you cottoned on yet?

One of my favorite Slovenian designers, Janja Videc, recently presented her new collection made entirely out of organic materials. Known for respecting ethical principles and creating morally acceptable clothing, she designed pieces that surely embody her own wonderful being.



The collection Janja Videc Basic is comprised out of five different designs in black, gray and nude, all made of organic cotton bearing the GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard)- world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. She managed to keep the entire production chain ethical- from manufacturing to textile dyeing- making sure it does not harm the environment, nor exploit labour (bravo, Janja!). The clothing is pesticide and formaldehyde free so be absolutely sure it will not irritate your skin.



Lacking modern designer pieces made of organic materials, she decided to create them herself. Having in mind that Slovenian textile industry, like any other in the Western Balkan, almost disappeared due to the import of mass produced clothing from foreign textile chains that often offer a low price at the expense of serious harm to the environment, she decided to produce the entire collection in Slovenia.


As expected from Janja, the entire collection is designed in a minimalist style and represents a solid basis for combination with more statement pieces. Despite the simplicity of her clothing, each piece holds her signature touch, which makes it unique.

 »When I became conscious of the advantages of organic textiles, I began looking for a brand that would offer well-designed pieces made entirely of organic materials. Since I was unable to find one that would satisfy my aesthetics, I began my hunt for organic materials, which turned out to be more complex than I initially thought. When I found the right material and began designing the first pieces for myself, it occurred to me that I could expand my production and offer the pieces to other women who, just like myself, were in search for something similar. I stand behind every individual piece 100% and I will be pleased to wear each and every one, because I only design clothing that I myself would want to wear. However, if this collection solves a problem encountered not only by myself but by other women as well, I will be really pleased.«


With this collection , Janja is trying to find a new, more humane approach and offer an alternative to everyone who thinks similarly. Organic cotton is significantly softer, because of the purity of its composition, it breathes with the skin and is incomparably more durable.  Make sure to snatch your own piece once it’s available at Janja’s online shop.