In Suits We Trust

This is the most polished presidential look we have ever seen. Probably because we finally have a (soon-to-be) female president of the USA. It has been a subject of many social media discussions, journalists and even buyers. Hillary Clinton knows (and holds) the power of a well-fitted suit! Even during Bill’s presidential era, it was her number one clothing choice, whether she was attending a formal or more casual event.

Even if those suits, that vary from Gucci to shawl-collared Ralph Lauren and Kenneth Bones’s pullover, are sometimes completely wrong outfit choices- we got to give her a little credit. She is the first ever female presidential candidate for a major political party. She must have more important things on her mind than fashion. Plus, she already has Anna Wintour’s support (and fashion approval!) and that stands for something.

She was spotted mellow in yellow, wearing shades of olive green, khaki and grey metallic suits, always paired with a discrete pieces of jewelry- usually brooches and pearl wreaths. Pinstripes, pastels, nude palette, floral print, earth tones, cherry red… You name it! She can pull off a suit in any shade, color, cut or fit. I surely hope to see her in red, white and blue because, in all honesty, may the best WOMAN win!