Where Fashion meets Technology

Can you imagine a mix of tweeds twinkling with crystal and plastic vibrant silk prints to pretty frothy chiffon sundresses, medallion necklaces and a whole palette of summery colors? (I know, my head keeps spinning, too!) Today, fashion is more than fashion. It is a mix of everything in between, but mostly a mix of unique vision, innovative ideas and a sense of everlasting style (and a bit of technology).

We live in a world when everything is possible, even a funny 3D Chanel robot bag- the IT souvenir of the season. Ok, I cannot imagine wearing the robot bag, but Chanel’s Spring 2017 resort collection was a breath of fresh air in this amazing fashion week season. “This is technology. But with the lingerie, it’s intimate technology”, Karl Lagerfeld stated. We are used to his crazy linguistic paradox descriptions of Chanel collections so it is better to stop analyzing what the big K wanted to say and sit back and relax and enjoy the mega-data streaming along the runway.

Robots aside, it’s still a signature Chanel collection- filled with tweed, lace, silk and pearls. I can feel Coco hoovering above these amazing pieces and sending her blessings. It’s as feminine as it ever was, but with a touch of new era… And I see nothing wrong with that.

(Photo credit: Alessandro Garofalo / Indigital.tv)