Grazie, Maria Grazia


She is the first woman in the history of the French couture house to take charge as creative director. Even though Dior represents a synonym for femininity in minds of fashion lovers all around the globe, it has always been lead by men. Maria Grazia Chiuri is a well-known name in the world of fashion. Her long experience at Valentino witnesses her ability and knowledge to create a signature vision of what modern femininity should look like.

“The message, really, is that there is not one kind of woman”, she stated.

Her debut show was not a predictable re-packaging of Dior’s well-known codes, but a refreshing point of view that includes both sporty and fragile shapes and cuts. She managed to balance the two and created simple, practical pieces that will surely attract new audience and customers. The opening look for the Spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection included a white, fencing jacket and knickerbockers that shattered the audience’s presumption that Chiuri will start on a romantic note. But, as she stated, the art of fencing “involves mind and heart at the same time, which women always need if they are to realize themselves.”


The rest of the collection is filled with new line of sneakers and knee-high boots with embroidered bees. The bee symbol is not a new thing for Dior. It was used by former Dior Homme designer- Hedi Slimane. Chiuri has intention to draw inspiration from former Dior designers who worked for the house over the years. “Monsieur Dior only lives 10 years. It can’t only be about him!”, she stated. “In some ways, I see myself as a curator of the house.”


However, there were signature Maria Grazia pieces in the collection, such as lacy blouses and embroidered tulle dresses and skirts- reminiscent of the work she did at Valentino. Underneath some pieces were faded tees with slogans such as “We should all be feminists.” New generations of girls and young women are just that, and now they can show it to the world wearing Dior- for the first time ever! Grazie, Maria Grazia!