Wu’s Shade of Grey


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a fashion designer friend who gets so inspired by your every day looks he decides to create a separate label to meet your needs? That is what Grey Jason Wu is- a new “sister label” of the designer’s fashion empire.

“I’ve been observing how they dress on the weekends and day-to-day”, he stated for Vogue.

We are so used to his luxury aesthetics (fox fur, lace and feathers) that it is hard to believe he downsized to a day-to-night jumpsuits and playful dresses. The Grey collection includes adorable bunnies, designed by Hunt Slonem, with whom Wu teamed up to create this perfect casual collection. The collection includes a few bunny embroideries so, alongside perfect design you also buy wearable artwork. The designer also partnered with Pantone that created a custom grey color for this collection.


“We’ll work with more artists on prints and techniques in the future, but it’s also about collaborating in other senses”, Wu added.

Grey collection is made from Italian and Japanese fabrics and features whimsical details, such as trompe l’oeil pockets and contrast top stitching. Prices range from $295 to $1,395. Grey Jason Wu will be the third fashion collection under Wu’s purview. He is also Hugo Boss’s artistic director of women’s design- a position he’s held since 2013.