Get your freak on with Kenzo

Did I just watch another one of Sia’s amazing videos? Oh, wait. No. It is just her talented choreographer Ryan Heffington who teamed up with Kenzo to do a fantastic advertisement for their new fragrance World. This is not a first in the world of fashion. We have seen Wes Anderson’s short film for Prada, Sofia Coppola for Miss Dior, Joe Wright’s Coco Mademoiselle for Chanel and David Lynch for Dior. But, Kenzo ad takes it to another level.

In the first few seconds we see a beautiful woman in a stunning green dress (designed by Heidi Bivens), bored to death in a formal event. That scene is something we usually get to see in glossy fashion advertisements. However, a knight in shining armor does not appear. The woman (Margaret Qualley, aka Jill in The Leftovers) sneaks out into an empty dancing hall and we step into the most exciting fashion ad we have had this year.


It is as if she is Maddie Ziegler, that sweet little dancer from Sia’s videos. She dances with her hair falling out of the place, with a rebellious glint in her eye. She twirls, she hops, she kicks, she punches and she flies. All in all, it is not something we expect from a world of perfume ads.

Heidi Bivens, a costume designer also designed the shoes for the video- both black dancing shoes and customized flat version for the final scene where Margaret jumps and performs a spectacular aerial movement.


“We originally planned to use existing shoes from the Kenzo archive, but they proved to be too difficult to do all the dance stunts in,” Bivens explained. “We tried different heel heights and ended up with 2.5 inches based on Margaret’s comfort. We had pairs with suede soles, and others with rubber soles so that she had options to dance in depending on the [carpet or marble] surface.”


This is Kenzo’s second collaboration with film directors. They did a fantastic job with a cult indie star Gregg Araki for last year’s film Here Now. You can watch it HERE.

More information about the perfume itself can be found on this LINK.