Ballet Fashion Fever

This fall season at the New York City Ballet is more fashionable than ever. They offer much more than jetés and pirouettes on the stage. The company decided to collaborate with four amazing designers to create original costumes for brand-new choreography. Rosie Assoulin is paired with Annabelle Lopez Ochoa- a visiting choreographer, Dries Van Noten with Justin Peck- the company’s resident dance-maker, Jason Wu with Peter Walker and Narciso Rodriguez with Lauren Lovette. Both Walker and Lovette are current dancers.

Out of all four designs, my favorite costumes are the ones made by Narciso Rodriguez. For this occasion, he created a palette of nude and pale pink costumes, paired with graphic black inlays “to take the sort of classical romantic things about ballet and give them an edge,” he stated.

On his approach to the project, Rodriguez adds: “I think the costumes should be about them and sort of liberate their bodies so you can see them in action, there is the ornamentation of dance — its storytelling aspect — and for me it’s about focusing on their hard work.”