Hey, pretty baby!

Don’t we all dream of a lover named after Hermès once we go to sleep? An Olympian god and synonym for luxury leather goods? If you never heard of Hermès you’re in the wrong place. Do not call yourself a fashionista if you don’t know at least three facts about the brand that keeps taking shirts off our backs.

Hermès, a world-known fashion brand, famed for leather and silk goods, kicked off the craze for naming handbags after celebrities. In 1956 a picture of Grace Kelly showed the actress using her Sac à dépêches bag to shield herself from paparazzi photographers (note: she was hiding her baby bump) and so the style was renamed the Kelly. With the Kelly bag, you can dress up or dress down. It has one handle and a detachable shoulder straps, which allow for hands free carrying.



The younger and most desired one- Birkin bag- was created in the 1980s for Jane Birkin. Unlike the Kelly bag, it is a tote bag with two handles and is created to be carried in the fold of the arm, as the straps are not long enough to be carried on the shoulder.

VARIOUS - 1996

So, ok you Hermes lovers, it’s official!

A new Kelly- The Kelly Mini II-measuring a mere 20 cm is expected to arrive this fall! In the grand tradition of Goldilocks, Hermès has recently created the perfect Kelly. Just a little bigger than the covetable baby Kelly Micro and smaller than the beautifully classic Kelly, it’s been made to fit all our modern addictions—smart phones included—while maintaining its petite insouciance. It may not be able to be utilized the same way it got its name, but I love it just the same. Modern baby bellies are for flaunting, anyway. It retails for approximately $8,150. Don’t get too excited though because getting your hands on one may be next to impossible, at least in the US, unless you’re a VIP customer in one of the Hermes flagship cities.


They are adorable, don’t you think?