Recently we stepped into a whole new era of fashion presentation. There is an entire wave of fashion designers that are embracing a radical new direct-to-costumer model that rethinks decades and decades of industry- wide standard operating procedure.

Forget about the long-lead press, editorials in magazines- the new concept banks on immediacy, shrinking the gap between when a customer sees the collection and when he/she can buy it. As Tom Ford stated for Vogue magazine, fall is “hanging downstairs, steamed, and ready to be flipped into the store tomorrow night.”

With the New York’s Spring 2017 Fashion Week starting, plenty of changes come and they all start with new presentation models. In fact, Tom Ford is not presenting Spring at all, but in-season Fall pieces that will be for sale immediately following the runway. The fashion’s see-now-buy-now experiment is starting to look like the new way to do business. Ford is not the only designer stepping out of the box, Tommy Hilfiger has actually turned his runway into a shopping event. If editors aren’t likely to to whip out the plastic that evening—there are three shows after Tommy’s and equally as many parties—Hilfiger and co. are betting the other half will. So much so, in fact, that the pier at the South Street Seaport will be open to shoppers all day Saturday, too. Now, that’s what you call direct-to-consumer.