Let’s talk about photography

His iconic black and white photographs of nude female bodies suggest a world in which women are eternally beautiful and a naked body serves to narrate story that ails the life of this unusual author.

Photographer Almin Zrno, whose early works evolved in CEDUS, a legendary photo cine club in ex-Yugoslavia, is one of the most renown photographers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Developing his career from journalistic photography to commercial projects, Zrno gradually focused his vision to artistic creation, specializing in nude and fine art photography. While visiting his atelier in a charming Austro-Hungarian building in the center of Sarajevo, I witnessed magic. Carefully selected lighting and high ceilings accentuate the beauty of exhibited work. Female silhouettes covered in sheer fabric, sinewy ballet dancers,  the beauty of movement and carefully captured wildness of human spirit confirm Zrno’s originality, cohesion and emotion.

Variety of fashion magazines sit on a coffee table wedged between vintage furniture. He later reveals that the fashion features inside include his photographs. Modest and intriguing at the same time, Zrno speaks about his work in few words. “Let the photographs speak their own language”, he says, “that is the beauty of my work.”

Throughout his incredible career, he became close to many stars such as Jeremy Irons and Mike Leigh among others. Being official photographer of Sarajevo Film Festival, each year he captures profiles of many world-known celebrities. But, he keeps himself grounded. “The best is yet to come”, says Zrno, “I still have a lot to say and do”.

He currently presides the Association of applied artists and designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is an active figure in the art scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 20 years from now, he sees himself as an educator- transferring his bountiful knowledge onto future generations of photographers.

On the way out, he handed me a copy of his first monograph “Vijećnica”, a trilingual publication containing photographs of three amazing exhibitions held in a building that once served as the National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Watching it go to flames during the 90’s war, he felt he owed it a memory of its greatness.

His plans for the following year include exhibitions in Vienna and Istanbul, so make sure to keep your radar on his WEBSITE for exhibition dates and venues.

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