Some like it minimalist

Last May I got invited to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Ljubljana. Second one in a row, it gathered hottest young designers from the region and celebrated work of the renowned fashion designers from Slovenia with decades of work experience. My five days in Ljubljana were as successful professionally as they were privately since I got the chance to meet and greet with Janja Videc, a young fashion design prodigy that swept me off my feet with her aesthetics, individuality and passion. While chatting with her in a charming little corner bistro “Bazilika” in the center of the city, I kept thinking about the words of Karl Lagerfeld who once said that fashion is like a non-stop dialogue.

It is a unique dialogue that outshines Janja’s work. By creating unique designs, she communicates with all women who recognize the universal message she tries to convey, and with her timid charm she will win you over for good. She is more than just a fashion designer- more of a fashion guru that will serve her clothing with a side of life philosophy as a free accessory.

Janja is 28 year old fashion designer who graduated fashion design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Ljubljana. Thanks to an international student exchange program, she got the chance to spend a year in Copenhagen, a year during which she learned a lot and adopted a bit of Scandinavian outlook that is not typical for Slovenian market. Minimalism is her choice of lifestyle, which spreads through all aspects of her life: fashion, interior and food. It is a movement, a philosophy of life and a way of life in which she finds her zen. Her minimalist way of life became a minimalist way of work.

After a successful debut at a joint student exhibition, she participated in Ljubljana Fashion Week where she presented her second collection titled INANNA.

INANNA collection is inspired by female archetypes and Sumerian goddess of many contrariety- love and war, sexuality and sanctity. The legend says that Inanna went to the underground world to find her “dark” sister Ereshkigal. Passing through the seven gates of hell, on each doorstep she left a piece of her clothing. At the last door, she was faced with her dark side, standing completely naked- as an authentic woman, without any masks. Janja emphasizes that this passage represents a path to our subconscious and a way to immerse deep into ourselves and fully understand our being. Only then can we be reborn, much wiser and more aware of new ways of thinking and living.

Janja is using purely natural fabrics and emphasizes that she wishes to work in accordance with ethical principles, and manufacture designs that will raise awareness of women on the importance of wearing cruelty free clothing. She is in the process of creating her BASIC line for which she will use 100% organic cotton.

You can find more info (and shop online!) on her WEBSITE