Alexander the Great

Working in fashion industry can sometimes be exhausting because it is changing every minute. Nevertheless, if you like what you do you will never complain. I stay current and draw inspiration from fashion weeks in New York and Paris, as well as just by scrolling through Instagram. The runways are always a great sign of what’s to come, but I also get tons of ideas from real people on the street.

But, all the hard work pays off when you get the chance to do something you truly love. Working for Urban magazine is divine. My favorite part, however, is the freedom to write about people and stories I personally find interesting. An example of that is an absolutely gorgeous tribute to the late, great genius Alexander McQueen, or Alexander the Great (like Sarah Mower named him in the August 2011 Vogue issue). I must admit that my heart broke when his passing was announced- the fashion world lost an amazing and unique visionary who can never be replaced. But, when I first saw the spring/fall 2011 McQueen shows, it was clear to me, as I am sure it was to everyone else, that Sarah Burton can be trusted to continue the legacy of this one-of-a-kind designer. Her recollections of his work were a beautiful tribute to the late designer and an apt reminder of how creative he truly was.

It is by researching her work  that I learned of how various pieces were designed. I had no idea, for example, that the top of one of the dresses was actually made from surgical slides and later hand-painted and sewn together, or that McQueen worked with actual medical supply companies and hospital prosthetic experts to bring about his visionary designs. His work was classy, elegant, with a hint of edge and craze.

Burton once stated that McQueen was a hoarder of all his creations and would obsessively look at them again and again. Of course, if I had his talent, I would probably do the same.

I hope Sarah continues to create unique pieces that pay tribute to l’enfant terrible of the fashion world. Madame Burton, brava indeed!



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